About the Art

This website is currently being used as an online graphic design portfolio. These works are either works in progress or finished pieces that I have created.

“Pop is everything art hasn’t been for the last two decades. It’s basically a U-turn back to a representational visual communication, moving at a break-away speed…Pop is a re-enlistment in the world…It is the American Dream, optimistic, generous and naïve.” – Jim Dine

Pop art began in the 1950’s in the United Kingdom but gained popularity in the 1960’s. Pop art started with the New York artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg, all of whom drew on popular imagery and were actually part of an international phenomenon (Justin Wolf, 2020). Pop art was presented to be a challenge on traditional art by including pop culture images and advertisements. Pop art began as a revolt against the dominant approaches to art and culture and traditional views on what art should be. Young artists felt that what they were taught at art school and what they saw in museums did not have anything to do with their lives or the things they saw around them every day. Instead they turned to sources such as Hollywood movies, advertising, product packaging, pop music and comic books for their imagery (Tate, n.d.). 

One of the most popular pop art artists was Andy Warhol. Some of his most famous artworks include the Marilyn Diptych, Campbell’s Soup Cans, and Eight Elvises. Roy Lichtenstein was one of the first American Pop artists to achieve widespread renown, and he became a lightning rod for criticism of the movement (Rachel Gershman, 2020). His early works varied in style and subject but were still modernist paintings. 

The inspiration for my illustration is pop art. My illustration of an ice cream cone is a bold brightly colored ice cream cone. 

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